BB Production

BBlock body kit for Land Rover Freelander 2 has been developed by a team of professionals and fans of the brand Land Rover, Jaguar. Land Rover Freelander 2 is released in 2006 and still none of the companies and tuning studio failed to offer a complete city body kit for this car. We decided to change this and allow the owners of Land Rover Freelander 2 to fill their vehicles an individual and sports character.

So how tuning body kit BBlock Freelander 2 made.
When we create a body kit we used advanced production technology, precision equipment, and only quality materials. Every detail has been given a lot of time and attention.

Object modeling

After the design-project has been approved and agreed we scanned(3D) the car. This made it possible to take into account all the technological elements of the factory cars. Change the physical shape of the object in three-dimensional(3D) model.

This step allows us to see the object from all sides. See what might interfere with the installation(fitting), assess angles, shapes, the ratio of parts to make adjustments to correct errors before the project will be done.

Milling (CNC)

After object modeling, we have prepared a three-dimensional model for the CNC router to make the master model for future details. Using a modern, high-precision CNC milling machine we received natural three-dimensional shape of the future body kit parts.

Forming parts

After manufacturing master model we starts forming parts. Our formers have experience with fiberglass for over 10 years. Accuracy of master models and the use of quality materials in the manufacture of fiberglass parts, offers easy installation of body kit on the car and greater reliability.

Painting and installation

If you are unable to come to us for painting and installation of the body kit, we can send it to you already primed or painted. Since we manufacture of the body kit and before installattion on the car we do full support, provide instructions and recommendations.

Other parts

Individual parts of body kit we given a lot of attention. Development of the tips for the exhaust system, additional lighting - DRL and fog lights from Range Rover - all this makes the tuning body kit BBlock Freelander 2 truly unique.

Using of this technology and advanced materials for the production of fiberglass parts, provide the perfect result in terms of price and quality. We are not stop on reached, and already are developing new parts, as well as versions of the Wide Body and Carbon Edition.
We are responsible for the high quality of our products and offer a 3 year warranty.